October 20, 2011

   X    Beaver(Member Ch)
   X    Bowen (Board)
   X    Carter (Past Pres)
          Collier (Historian)
   X    Culver (Tail Twister)
   X    DeJaynes(President)  
   X    Entwistle, Jan(1stVP)
          Inman (3rd VP)
         Meixner (Board)   
         Morgan (Tamer)
         Risley (Board)
   X    Schoonover (Sec)
   X    Self (Board)
   X    Westen (Treas/2nd VP)



Guests: None







The Macomb Lions Club, of Macomb, IL, held a Regular Board Meeting after the October 20, 2011 meeting with President DeJaynes acting as chair. 


Guests: None


1) Lion Beaver & Jim Entwistle brought up constitutional changes again. Lion President DeJaynes moved to accept with Treasurer Westen 2nd so changes could be discussed.  Much discussion on the necessity for the changes and why? Motion by Secretary Schoonover and 2nd by Lion Self to table motion to approve until next Board meeting. Motion passed.


2) Moved by Lion Culver and 2nd by Lion Beaver to accept applications of membership of Bethany Brooks and James Rouse.  Motion passed.


3) Motion by Lion Culver and 2nd by Lion Beaver to donate $500 to the Feed the Children program.  Need has increased.  Motion passed.








Jack Schoonover




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