2013 - 2014 Macomb Lions Club Committees
(update 10.17.13)




Boys & Girls
Peace Poster Contest
Boy/Girl Scouts
Camp Lions

Lowell Lueck

Louis Battin
Bob Collier
John Purdy

Essie Rutledge: Cabinet Rep.

Community Service
Diabetes Day

John Carter

Bob Bowen
John Meixner
Bernard Murray
David Self

Traci DeWitt: Cabinet Rep.

Bulbs and Brooms
Fly-in Pancake/Sausauge Bkfst

Candy Day
Appreciation Day Rose Sale
Sight & Sound Sweepstakes

Traci DeWitt

Jan Entwistle
Jim Entwistle
Mary Prueter
Jack Schoonover

Essie Rutledge: Cabinet Rep.

Hearing Van
Hearing Aid Collection

Dan Morgan

Jan Entwistle
Delano Kruzan

Essie Rutledge: Cabinet Rep.

New Member Recruitment
Induction of New Members
Death of Members
Memorials/Thank You Notes
Recognition & Awards
Member Packets
Update Member Status
Meet & Greet Guests

Alan Bishop
Mike Inman
Jerry Peabody
Patricia Simmons

Traci DeWitt: Cabinet Rep.

Introduction of Guests
Special Celebrations
Anniversary Celebrations

Holiday Parties

Leslie Jefferson

David Beaver
Ken Keudell
Bruce Prueter

Traci DeWitt: Cabinet Rep.


Submission to I-H Magazine
Submission to Local Media
Press Releases
Take Photos at Meetings
Take Photos & Write Bio-sketches for New Members

Joseph Zrekat

Richard Cook
Christie Davis

Traci DeWitt: Cabinet Rep.

Sight, Blind, & Diabetes
Eyeglasses Collection
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Glaucoma Screening
Eye Tissue Transport
Exams/Glasses Applications
Books f/t Visually Impaired
NPR Reader Service

 Joanna Graham Brittany Batterton
Bob Bowen
Cherie Lockhart

Essie Rutledge: Cabinet Rep.

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